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ANLAN Ultrasonic Cleaner 45°C Heat Ultrasonic Skin Scrubber


Product details:

Item Name: Ultrasonic Skin Scrubber
Product Model: X8
Battery Capacity: 600mAh
Material: ABS
Rated Power: 1.5W
Input Voltage: DC 5V 1A
Weight: Appr. 83g
Size: Appr. 173x45x16mm


①Cleansing--Remove unnecessary dirt
Ultrasonic vibration + ion Export + water
24000 times/s ultrasonic vibration can thoroughly remove dirt from deep skin
② Moisturizing--Deliver necessary skin care ingredients
Ultrasonic vibration + ion Import + essence absorption
Makes cosmetic ingredients such as vitamins and masks penetrate into the stratum corneum,which is out of reach of the hands.
③ Lifting--Tighten the skin
Ultrasound + EMS Micro Current + Skin Care Water
Through ultrasonic vibration and appropriate weak current stimulation, the skin can be activated, swelling, wrinkles and lifting can be improved, so as to achieve the purpose of refreshing the skin.
④45 ℃ thermal care--The spatula comes with temperature to help open the pores
⑤ One Button (power switch / mode switch)
⑥LED Screen Display

Package includes:

Skin Scrubber* 1
Storage Bag * 1
Instruction Manual * 1
USB Cable * 1
Silicone Cap Cover * 1


Improve various skin problems:

-Dry skin,
-Facial wrinkles

You can see that the skin after sticking to using the product has been greatly improved

The cooperation of ultrasonic technology and water Makes pore dirt nowhere to hide

-Cleansing Mode
-Moisturizing(Permeation )Mode
-EMS Skin Lifting
-Thermal Skin Care( Heating function)
-One Button(Power/Mode switch)

Ion cleansing (Ultrasound + Ion Export)

Absorption power of positive ions is very effective for deep dirt removal.
24500 Hz per second ultrasonic vibration can thoroughly remove dirt from deep skin.

Ion Moisturize (Ultrasound + Ion- Import )

The nutrient essence with negative ions can be introduced deep into the skin to maintain the skin from the bottom of the skin, so as to achieve a good hydrating effect.

EMS Micro Current Skin Lifting

EMS microcurrent increase skin elasticity , at the same stimulate collagen production and. Lifting and tightening the skin,and remove wrinkles,make skin smoother.

How to use ultrasonic skin scrubber

Wash your face with water. keep your face wet. then, turn on the device to"Cleaning mode" mode and gently clean your face about 2-3 minutes.Add water to your face during this treatment to keep it humid.

Dry your face and apply your normal face moisturizers switch the device to “Permeation mode” and use the spatula to leading-in nutrition quickly , improce skin absor ptioncapacity.

" EMS lifting mode"sends pulsations into the muscle actively lifting the face reduce your wrinkle and fine line,leave your skin looking youthful.

The heating function can beused together with all modes . Heating function with the "Cleaning mode" to open pores and loosen dirt . Heating function with " Permeation mode" to promote blood circulationand the absorption and utiliza-tion of nutrients.

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