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ANLAN LED Face Beauty Mask

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ANLAN LED Face Beauty Mask

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1. Tri-color LED light therapy (full face)

640 ~ 650nm red LED The deepest part of the LED light reaches the dermis, activates skin elasticity and resolves skin wrinkles. 

Blue LED with a wavelength of 445 ~ 450nm It can remove the propionic acid bacteria that cause acne and has anti-inflammatory effects.

They inhibit the excessive secretion of sebum, make the skin less prone to acne.

Yellow LED with 575 ~ 590nm wavelength Adjust metabolism, improve spots and dullness caused by aging and ultraviolet rays, restore skin glow.

2. 42 ℃ eye warming function/vibration massage

Convenient vibration makes it easy to remove trash trapped around the eyes.

Heating at about 42 ° C makes the eyes more comfortable. In addition, the soft material and the 3D eye mask significantly reduce the pressure while wearing.

Technical data

Name: LED face mask Size: 200 * 196 * 135mm Number of LED lights: 76 Material: ABS / PC / stainless steel Input voltage: 5V = 1.8A Power: 9W Timer time: 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 15 minutes, 20 minutes


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ANLAN LED face mask

ANLAN facial mask

ANLAN led facial mask