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ANLAN IPL Hair Removal Whole Body

$63.99 $112.29 saving $48.30
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ANLAN IPL Hair Removal Whole Body

$63.99 $112.29 saving $48.30
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1. 500000 Flashes for a longer use time; 
2. Automatic and manual modes for the different skin areas; five adjustable optimal energy levels according to skin tone and hair color, providing gentle treatment painlessly and easily, without hurting the skin.
3. 4 square cm spot size suitable for anybody curve; high-efficiency and fast speed to remove the unwanted hair within minutes.
4. IPL works inside pores to destroys hair papilla, thus achieves permanent hair removal; 
5.No influence on normal sweat and sebum secretion

How to use ANLAN IPL hair remover?
1. Please moisten your skin with water and cleansing foam and shave off all hair with a razor. Use depilatory cream for sensitive areas
2. Plug in adapter,long press power button on the side of the machine, the cooling fan will make some noise, this is normal
2. Short press power button to adjust levels. Different levels have different intensity and burning sensation. Please try from the first level and choose suitable level that you can withstand.
3. The default mode is manual mode. Pressing big button will produce a flash. Please make sure that the light emitting window is close to and perpendicular to the skin, otherwise the skin will not emit light.
4. Flash once or twice for same part pf body. Do not repeat the flash multiple times in a day to avoid skin irritation and burns
5. Long press big button to switch to automatic light emission mode, then no need to press button, just get close to the skin, it will automatically emit light when it senses the skin
6. After finishing flashing, apply aloe vera gel or other moisturizing gel to keep moist
ANLAN IPL Hair Remover

Tips for using ANLAN IPL hair remover:
①Week 1-2, 3 times a week
②Weeks 3-4, twice a week
③Week 5-8 once a week
① 8 weeks session is expected for normal case,but everyone is a little different in hair growth
②If your hair growth didn't reach ideal expection at the 8th week, please continue to use it.

Wavelength: 530-1150 nm
Energy level: 1.3-5.3J/cm # 2
Optional energy level: 5
Processing area: 4 cm # 2
Power supply: 24V / 2A
Speed: 1.4-3 seconds/pulse
Maximum light pulse: 500000

ANLAN IPL hair remover