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ANLAN Upgrade V Face Lifting Device

$48.85 $66.95 saving $18.10
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ANLAN Upgrade V Face Lifting Device

$48.85 $66.95 saving $18.10
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💫 Upgrade 4 massage metal sheets: suitable for full face lifting

💫 Remote controller: free your hands, use it anytime, anywhere

💫 Visible effect: Using EMS microcurrent technology, massage and stimulate facial muscles, burn fat at 40 ℃ temperature, and lift skin by magnetic therapy.

💫 EMS micro current: stimulate TR production and human subcutaneous tissue, improve facial muscle fiber elasticity, activate collagen activity and firm skin.

💫 Red / Blue light therapy:

Red light: stimulate collagen production, improve skin elasticity, improve cell activity, promote blood circulation, anti-aging.

Blue Light: antibacterial and anti-inflammatory, balances oil, soothes blemishes and shrinks pores.

💫 40 ° C hyperthermia: physical therapy at constant temperature to burn fat.

💫 4 Modes: 4 different massage mode used for different skincare purpose

💫 9 Levels: 9 level widely used for different skin type



Product Name: V-Face Lifting Device

Strength Levels: 9 levels

Timer: About 10 minutes

Temperature: About 39~42 ℃

Battery: 750mAh

Charging Time: About 3 hours

Weight: About 145g

Material: ABS Size: 165*52*52mm

How to use the device

💡 Clean face and apply toner or gel

💡 Turn the device and remote controller

💡 Choose mode and intensity by press M and +/-

💡 Press power button to choose light therapy

💡 Long press M button to turn on heat

💡 After using, turn off the device and remove the belt



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Geraldine Josse
Feedback sur v face lifting

J'ai un souci .il n'y a pas de notice en français et de ce fait je ne comprends pas les différents modes sur la télécommande. ( Motifs avec les mains) .svp pourriez vous m'aider à comprendre cet appareil car j'ai vraiment envie de le tester. Merci d'avance pour votre réponse