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Anlan Silicone cleansing brush

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Welcome to the ANLAN official brand store, all products in our store are genuine ANLAN,ANLAN has been researching cutting-edge technology. Each product has to go through more than 2,000 tests before it goes on the market, continuously improving the technology and verifying the safety and effectiveness of the product.Please rest assured to buy. You can contact us if you have any questions, we will help you solve it, just to give you the best service! ANLAN will make you more beautiful! ! !

Name: Anlan silicone cleansing brush
Model: AJMY21
Power: 5V==1A
Rated voltage: 3.7V
Battery capacity: 300mAh
Charging method: Magnetic charging
Waterproof level: IPX7
Vibration frequency: 10000rpm
Charging time: About 2 hours
Working Time: About 260 minutes
Product Size: 110mm*67mm*23mm
Product Material: Silicone
Product Weight: 80g

How To Use
Step 1: After wetting your face, apply your usual cleanser.
Step 2: Turn on the device and select the appropriate level, move along the facial contour, and gradually clean the cheeks, nose and the following parts of the eyes.
Step 3: Rinse with water and dry your face. Please rinse the product and dry it for storage.
* 2nd generation face brush with magnetic charging port, prevent charging port damage failures with longer service life

*Upgraded facial cleaning brush made of food grade soft silicone to protect sensitive skin

*Precise 10000 rpm motor just enough sonic vibration to clean pores deeply while preventing excessive vibration hurting skin.

*2 different kinds of bristles can more precisely cleaning face. Coarse bristle clean oily T zone and chin , fine bristle clean dry cheek zone.

* Sonic technology can effectively help you to clean gently oil, dirt and the makeup remains on your face deeply.

* This face washing brush has 2 minutes timer to prevent over cleansing.Gently exfoliate without disrupting skin barrier

* IPX7 waterproof design, can wash face with it during shower, no worry about seepage.

* Compact size and lightweight body is easy to carry outside, convenient for travelling.


Why do I still have various skin problems after washing my face every day?

Data from ANLAN- Your face is not completely cleaned

Hands wash 10 times, not better to wash once with ANLAN Cleansing Brush

Clogged pores
Air dust, makeup residue

Enlarged Pores
Accumulated sebum oil particles enlarge pores

Repeated acne
cross infection, skin inflammation

Oily face
Incomplete cleaning, water and oil imbalance

Why choose ANLAN 2nd Generation Magnetic Cleansing Brush?

*Magnetic charging
*Higher waterproof level
*Stronger cleaning power
*Longer service life and working time

Multi-area Cleaning,Multi-effect Skin Care

3 different bristles in one brush, deep clean T-zone,U-zone,nose and mouth corners, massage topromote absorption of skin care products

Full Covered Skin-friendly Silicone, More Care To Sensitive Skin

Soft enough silicone material, promises no hurting skin even at high frequency vibration

Even massage area and button is also made of soft silicone instead of plated metal which avoids the stimulation of metal to sensitive skin

Clean Skin With Technology Clean More Completely

Vertical skin penetration sonic technology,effectively shakes dirt out of pores, remove excess oil, aging dead skin and makeup residue

*Data from ANLAN Lab

Adjustable 3-Speed Vibration

Meet different skin needs

Level 1
Gentle, suitable for sensitive skin, promotes the absorption of skin care products

Level 2-3
Cleaning, suitable for deep cleaning of pores for oily and combination skin

No Worry About Excessive Cleaning Vibration Reminder, 2 Minutes Timer

The cleansing brush vibrates every 20 seconds to remind you to change area, and automatically shut down after continuous working for 2 min.

T zone--20S

2 Purposes In One machine, Cleaning + Skin Care Massage

When applying the mask, massage the face with the back of the brush, sonic vibration helps essence penetrate into the skin

more absorption,less waste

Upgraded Large-capacity Battery, Long Battery Life

Long battery life, once a day, 2 min at a time, can be used for 30 days

Magnetic charging
2hour fast charge
Portable size

Different charging methods

The original version is plug-in charging, which is easy to get into water, while version 2.0 uses magnetic charging, which is more convenient.

IPX7 Waterproof No Fear of Soaking

Can be washed freely and used in the bathroom
no fear of 30 minutes soaking in 1 meter water



    Anlan Silicone cleansing brush
    Anlan Silicone cleansing brush
    Anlan Silicone cleansing brush
    Anlan Silicone cleansing brush
    Anlan Silicone cleansing brush
    Anlan Silicone cleansing brush
    Anlan Silicone cleansing brush
    Anlan Silicone cleansing brush
    Anlan Silicone cleansing brush
    Anlan Silicone cleansing brush
    Anlan Silicone cleansing brush
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