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ANLAN Negative Ion Infrared Hair Straightener

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ANLAN Negative Ion Infrared Hair Straightener

$49.69 $67.39 saving $17.70
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Product Specifications


【 Name】: Negative Ion Infrared Hair Straightener

【Model number】:ZFS03-00

【Nominal voltage】:100-240V AC

【Nominal frequency】: 50/60Hz

Nominal power:】: 55W

【 Working temperature】: 170-210℃

【 Negative concentration】:10.8*10^6/cm³

【Far infrared wave length:】:8um

Main material】:PET +Glass fiber(High temperature composite)

【 Specification】:28.4*6.9*4.6CM



1. MCH metal ceramic heating body MCH metal ceramic heating body heats fast, stably,effectively, and it has a fast thermal compensation.

2.3D ceramic comb, special anti-burned design. Special anti-burned design: 3D comb is equipped with ceramic glaze, which can massage scalp and effectively prevent from hair directly touching the scalp.

3. Negative ion moisten the hair quality Three ion launch cave launch negative ion moisten hair, the ion concentration reach 10.8*10^6/cm³

4.Far infrared repair damaged hair quality, protect scalp Far infrared wave length at 8um, which can improve micro vessel extension, accelerate blood circulation, promote metabolism, repair damaged hair and strengthen immunity.

5.Auto power off after one hour Set any temperature after power on, and auto power off after 60 minutes.

6.3 gear temperature, free choose 3 gear temperature,170-210℃, One button for switch, depends on yourself.

7.360° no interwoven wire. 360° power wire without interwoven, avoid embarrass while using.

8.Double security insurance When using, the electric current insurance will infuse to protect if the circuit get lost control and over loaded; When the circuit cause temperature lost control, temperature insurance will infuse to protect.

Using methods

* Comb the hair first, coordinating with hair care essential oil or nutrient protector effect better

* If you want it to last long, you must use it with styling water and softener.

1.Press the switch button for two seconds to turn the device on.

2.2.Switch the power button to adjust temperature

① Straight and thin hair with first gear of 170 ° C

② Thick and dense hair with second gear of 190 ° C

③Thick, dense and natural cure hair with third gear of 210 ° C

3.Grab the hair tail with one hand, straighten the hair with one hand and force the hair. Slowly comb the hair comb until the hair ends straighten. Note that the hair volume should not be too much.

4.At the end of the hair, use the comb to twine the hair,so as to create the effect of curling


Q:Will it burn skin? As the temperature is high.

A:This product is equipped with 3D ceramic comb teeth, exclusive anti-scalding design, which can effectively avoid scalding the skin. In addition, it can also massage the scalp, and also effectively avoid contact between the heating body and the scalp during use, to avoid burns, please feel free to use.

Q:Can it be used with hair care essential oils and other products?

A:Yes, it works better with hair care products.

Q:How long will the strengthening effect last?

A:The effect of this product lasts for 3-4 hours. If you want more effective effect, it can be used with products such as styling water.

Q:How do I choose the temperature

A:It is recommended to use 170 ° C for straight hair; 190 ° C for coarser hair; 210 ° C for coarse and natural hair.

Q:How long will the device automatically power off?

A:Set the temperature to any temperature after the product is turned on, and automatically shut down after 60 minutes of operation.