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ANLAN Pore Cleaner Blackhead Remover

Anlan blackhead remover
Anlan blackhead remover
Anlan blackhead remover
Anlan blackhead remover
ANLAN Blackhead Remover
Anlan blackhead remover
Anlan blackhead remover
Anlan blackhead remover
Anlan blackhead remover
ANLAN Blackhead Remover


Item Name:ANLAN Pore Cleaner Blackhead Remover
Weight: About 120g
Hot compress: About 40℃
Material: ABS
Power: About 5W
Suction Level: 53kpa、58kpa、63kpa
Battery capacity: 500mAh lithium-ion battery
Charging time: About 90 minutes


3D vacuum suction method, Cleansing your skin

vacuum negative pressure.

Hot Compress Function

Hot compress function opens pores, Decontamination is more thorough.

Before use, open the pores by warming at 40 ° C, Equipped with silicone, anti-scalding design, more secure.

3 Replaceable Probes

Big Size Circular head
For strong suction, remove blackheads or whiteheads, grease, cosmetic residue etc and mainly used on your T-Zone area or other face area except around the eyes.

Small round hole head
The suction is less suction compared to big hole head, more suitable for sensitive, thin skin, blackhead less skin.

Oval head
Use in the corners of the nose and mouth. It can also be used on the neck and other parts.


3 Suction Heads
It’s suitable for different skin types. Help you easily solve all facial problems, like blackhead, acne, coarse pore, rough skin, dark skin, dead skin.

3 Suction Level
Oily mode-Low level: Suitable for thin areas of eyelids and lips.
Neutral mode-Medium level: Suitable for the lower jaw, remove dark spots deeply.
Dry mode-High level: Suitable for stubborn blackheads, applies to areas with high sebum secretion (nose, forehead, T zone)

40℃ Hot compress
It makes it easier to remove pores by opening the pores in the 40 ℃ thermal mode.

LED display
You can check the remaining battery level and mode with a simple LED display.

USB charging
You can charge by connecting the product with a computer, mopile power supply or other devices.

Use Method

1.Clean your face and keep it dry.

2.Put the silicone cover on the nose, press the hot button to open your pores with hot compress. (5 minutes)
* Do not use the hot mode and suction mode at the same time.
* For first time, try to use the lower level to test because of different skin types. Short and fast shots and repel blackheads horizontally(Better using blackhead export liquid).

3.Press power / mode button briefly to adjust the suction level. Apply the suction device to the skin and slide it sideways to pull out blackhead from the pores.
* Please set it to low level Oily mode when using for the first time. Adjust the level after you get used to the low level.
* Please do not stay in one place for more than 3 seconds. There is a possibility of becoming red.

4.After pulling out the pores, clean the face and remove suction head.
* Do not wash the body of the suction device with water.

5.After cleaning, use skin care products like facial mask, cream for maximum effect. (remember to use ice towel or cold water to minimize the pores and reduce the irritation)


Q: What if the product can't be charged?
A: First, you need to check that the machine shows whether the voltage corresponds to the local supply voltage. Then, check whether the machine is properly connected. If the product still can’t be charged, contact the ANLAN customer service.
Q: My machine is not working, how to solve it?
A: Please charge the machine according to the User Manual , check if there is no charging or socket failure. If the machine still does not work, please contact the ANLAN customer service.
Q: Why the machine can't work when charging?
A: This is a security measure, so the machine will not work when charging.
Q: What about my skin allergy after using this product?
A: To help you make better use of this product, please take the time to read the following precautions before using: 1. Do not squeeze a button on a dry face or use this product without warming your face first. For this product to work and clean your face without damage, take your time: wash your face and clean it; open your pores with steam, lukewarm water or at least one hot towel that you keep on your face about 10~15 minutes. Make sure your face is clean, your hands are sanitized and the product is disinfected (rubbing alcohol and cotton should be enough).
2. We recommend starting with suction level 1 for the first user to allow your nose to get used to the intensity. Then you can increase the suction level over time, provided you are at your comfort level. Do not keep the suction head on a specific black spot or button for more than 3 seconds. Also, do not use the product on your entire face for more than 5 minutes. otherwise, your skin will turn red or purple and you will get marks.
3. Short and fast shots and repel blackheads horizontally. Do not suck the blackhead at a 90 degree angle, it could damage the skin. Remember to use the machine carefully to avoid skin damage.
4. Wash your face with cold water and will reduce your pores using skin care products (water / shrink mask) for best results.

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