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Brand Culture

Established in 2014, ANLAN has been focusing on design, research & development, manufacturing, sales, and service of Beauty Devices over 6 years.

ANLAN is committed to becoming a global brand to benefit thousands of women in the beauty industry. Being beautiful and safe at the same time is our focus and long-term goal.

Philosophy adhering to the "safe and effective", every product goes through thousands of tests.

Innovative products

Beauty series

Ultrasonic ion cleansing device:
Ultrasonic technology, EMS micro-current stimulation, deep cleansing, ion cleansing export, ion nutrition import, lifting firming, and shaping.

Purifying blackhead instrument:
Vacuum negative pressure technology, ice-heat two compresses.

Nano sprays facial steamer:
Nano-level OZONE ion steam.

Eye Beauty:
Mainly uses red and blue radiofrequency technology to improve fine lines around the eyes and promote deep absorption of eye cream.

Personal-care series

Electric eyebrow trimmer:
Made of micro-magnetic stainless steel, electric high frequency.

LPL hair removal device:
LPL strong pulsed light technology.

Ion hair straightener:
Combine negative ion and infrared technology to treat hair.