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ANLAN Hot Nano Face Steamer Sprayer Facial Steamer


※Attention:Before purchasing, please pay attention to whether the specification of the plug meets your needs


Product Name:Nano Hot Facial Steamer
Weight: 750 g
Steam Type:Hot Steam
Rated Voltage:AC230V 50 Hz AC120V 60 Hz
Power Cord Length:1.5 Meters Appr.
Steam Volume:7ML/minute
Steaming Time :20 Minutes Appr. (Full Tank)
Steam Temperature:40℃ Appr.(Keep 20 cm-25 cm From Spout)
Steam Generation Time:30s~60s Appr(depends on water temperature)
Tank Capacity:Appr.145ml


① The nozzle can be adjusted up and down, and the angle can be accurately adjusted according to your height or the height of the table.
② With a mirror, you can observe whether the facial pores are open at any time, and clearly see the clean-up of the emerging blackheads.
③ The water tank has a large capacity. The 145ml water tank is full and can be sprayed for about 20 minutes at a time.
⑤ The press type water tank is convenient to take, and does not need to buckle hard. It can also be easily operated after manicure.
⑥ Anti dry burning design, water shortage will automatically power off, safety protection.


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