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Negative Ion Hair Straightening Brush

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Negative Ion Hair Straightening Brush

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Portable & Lightweight: This comb is just normal hair comb size and only 258g, very light and portable for travel or home use.
2. 30 Seconds Fast Heating: It only takes 30 seconds to get heating and save your time.
3. MCH Metal Ceramic Heating Body: MCH metal ceramic heating body heats fast, stably, effectively, and it has a fast thermal compensation
4. Negative Ion Hair Care: Three holes will emit negative ion to moisturize the hair, help close the hair scales, increase hair luster and improve the problem of split ends
5. 30 Minutes Auto Shutdown: 30 minutes auto shutdown function is designed to avoid using it for too long or forgetting to turn it off after using.
6. Anti Scald Protective Teeth: Around the heating parts are protective teeth so that you can use them at ease without worrying about skin scald.
ANLAN Negative Ion Hair Straightening Brush
Using Methods:
1. Plug the cord and press the power button to turn it on.
2. Press the power button once to adjust the temperature.
3. Greenlight is 140℃ ,orange light is 180℃,red light is 220℃.
4. Temperature is locked after 15 seconds, fast press button twice to unlock to select other temperature.
5. Grab & straighten hair end with one hand. Slowly comb hair from up till down and stop at each part for one second.
Note:Please comb hair with a small amount each time.
*Comb hair first, use together with essential oil or nutrient hair protector for better hair care.
*If you want it to last long, you must use it with styling water and softener

Rated Power: 25W
Voltage: 100-240V
Size: 235*28*38mm
Weight: 258g
Temperature: 140-220℃
Package included:
1 x Hair Straightening Comb
1 x User Manual

ANLAN Negative Ion Hair Straightening Brush